About Us

Acorns Horsebox - Dayne & Tracey 2021

Born out of a passion for coffee.

With a background operating high volume locations and well-respected, high street coffee brands, founders Tracey and Dayne began Acorns Coffee and Cake with a passion for customer service and great coffee and cake.

Dayne’s vision for Acorns was to offer, and always be “an honest, true, and simple coffee. With no fuss, and great taste”.

Initially setting up a mobile coffee shop in a converted horsebox. It was simple, beautiful and the dream began as the business evolved and grew, and so did the team but Acorns founders never lost their passion for coffee.

This passion for a quality product and service meant Acorns Coffee and Cake grew quickly, serving two local towns and proudly served in two more. Tracey stated "We knew, we wanted to bring the Acorns philosophy to so many more places, locally and beyond."

The business evolved further when Head Roaster, Matt, joined the Acorns team. With a wealth of coffee roasting knowledge, adding further experience to the team and the opportunity to offer great tasting coffee from a wider range of bean producing countries.

We decided that the coffee bean is the hero, and Acorns’ philosophy of being great tasting with no fuss meant offering the purity of single origin, small batch roasts allowing the coffee bean to be the hero it is.

Today Acorns Coffee is still proudly served in Bordon, the birthpace of Acorns, and is enjoyed across Hampshire and beyond. Now you can enjoy Acorns small batch roasted coffee wherever you are in the UK, Europe and anywhere we can ship to!

We look forward to sharing our passion for great tasting cofee with you wherever you are.

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