Why I Started a Coffee Business

Dayne and Tracey Launch Acorns Coffee and Cake

If anyone ever says dreams don’t come true. Ignore them. Dreams do come true. But you make them happen.

Starting a business was always a dream of mine. As a natural leader, I've always enjoyed managing teams and working towards a common goal. I thrived on Managing others’ and loved the experience of reporting P&Ls and business performance in the boardroom.

It was coffee that brought Tracey and I together. We met in a Costa coffee shop. I remember the day she bounced over to say hello. Many years later, when the time was right and circumstances forced our hands, we launched Acorns Coffee and Cake (see our group website for the full story!).

Of course there was risk, but we calculated as much as possible. A solid business plan, weeks of work on branding, aesthetics and designing the work-space so everything had its exact place to maximise efficiency. Studied pricing models, breakeven calculations, plan B and plan C contingency plans and many sleepless nights. But we knew we had something special, we had identified a gap in the market and knew we had a brand that could grow, not only that, we had the passion and desire to grow it.

Coffee has always been a passion of ours. From the aroma of freshly roasted beans to the intricate art of latte-making, the coffee industry has always fascinated us. I have spent countless hours researching the origins and varieties of coffee beans, which is why we roast and deliver single origin beans - allowing the beans and their unique regional profiles shine through - with the coffee bean being the hero.

Starting a coffee business has been a challenging but rewarding journey. With dedication and hard work, and we’re talking 90 hour weeks - we have built a loyal customer base and a team that shares our vision. It's been an incredible experience to see our dream come to life and share our love of coffee with others.

We’ve got a lot more to come. We’ve still got dreams to fulfil and as I started with, they only come true if you make them happen.

Try our coffee and let us know what you think - Shop for Coffee Now

Feel free to speak to me directly at dayne@acornscoffeeandcake.com