10 Reasons Head Roaster Matt Loves Coffee

Matt King Acorns Head Roaster

Our Head Roaster, Matt King is an absolute coffee connoisseur and loves it when customers ask him about the various beans we stock and how he roasts them. From a single 220g bag of beans to a 20Kg wholesale order, Matt is passionate about producing the very best coffee for you to order in store, or buy and brew at home. He'll even grind the beans to your exact requirements, just tell him how you brew at home and leave the rest to him.

He recently told us a few of the reasons he loves coffee and roasting...

  1. It’s a great conversation starter
    "Coffee pairs perfectly with conversation, what's better than a chat over a cup of freshly roasted coffee (and maybe a cake!)? As people of all different ages and backgrounds drink coffee, you can find out so much about someone just having a brew and a chat."

  2. The individual coffee flavour profiles
    "Coffee changes once it has been roasted, and watching how the different flavours develop from different coffees, depending on how you roast the beans and then brew is is fascinating. You can get some really unexpected flavours coming out of the coffee bean from various roasting methods. We use a medium roast for the beans we supply, but can roast to your own tastes, just ask." 

  3. Different production processes
    "The conditions of where a coffee bean is grown and how it is washed really affect the quality of the bean and the flavours it produces. There are so many details that go into making coffee that people don’t know about and how various small changes can affect the final flavour profile. There's a lot that goes into the growing and production process."

  4. The amount I've learnt about geography
    "I’ve learnt so much about different countries around the world thanks to coffee. Regions that not many people have heard of and the culture that coffee has influenced within them. Different countries have all sorts of climates and landscapes, different levels of fertility in the soil the beans are grown in. You can learn a lot about the geography of a country based just off the coffee growing there."

  5. Infinite variety of beans and roasts
    "There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to coffee, you can almost do anything you want with it, from what you make with it to flavour combinations. For example, we do cold brew coffee as well as all the popular hot coffees. We use Colombian Finca Sofia beans
    with a medium roast, which prodiuces a smooth flavour profile with no bitter aftertaste. However we stock many other varieties, just take a look at our shop!"

  6. How it benefits the countries producing coffee
    "Coffee is a large global industry which supports the lives of thousands of workers from many different cultures around the world. Coffee provides many people across the globe with the ability to feed their families and develop their country and local area."

  7. The coffee culture
    I love meeting customers and chatting about their lives and what they are up to. Coffee connects all sorts of people, even for a brief moment, and it's amazing how such a variety of different people drink coffee and everyone has their own favourite coffee!"

  8. The different ways people drink it
    "There are so many different types of coffee, from the standard americano to flat whites, cappuccinos and lattes. In recent years different types of milks and alternatives have become popular, plus extra shots and different syrup flavours to accompany your coffee. You can tell alot about a person by the coffee they drink!"

  9. Empowering diversty
    "In many of the cofee production regions around the world its mainly women who grow and harvest it. Even in quite male dominant societies its empowering woman and providing better lives for their families and communities."

  10. The smell of coffee
    "There's nothing like walking into a coffee shop with a fresh batch roasting and coffee brewing. Each coffee develops its own unique armoa and flavour profile depending on the roast. I love it, and will happily discuss coffee for hours!"

    "These are just a few of the reasons as to why I am so passionate about coffee. When you pop into Acorns @ The Shed, Bordon come and find me and ask anything you want about cofffee!"

If you love coffee as much as Matt then why not try one of our great coffees, the Colombian is a great balance between Brazil and Ethiopian, and Matt loves it! Shop Now